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The Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day of JoJo’s high school dance career.  I have had a lot of mixed feelings.  Relief, sadness, Joy, etc.  Ultimately I feel incredibly blessed.  Blessed to have been there to see her grow and learn as a dancer.  Blessed that we found a wonderful and nurturing studio that gave her opportunities and encouraged her to grow beyond what she even imagined.  Blessed to have found good friends that I will always treasure.  Blessed to have been able to see her enjoy something so much that she has pushed herself and made herself a better person.  Blessed to have enjoyed the performances by her and her team mates.  Blessed to have been a spectator in a part of her life.  Blessed to have grown close to her and developed a bond that only came through the ups and downs of this journey.

I will miss some pieces of it.  But, I will be okay with walking away from this phase of her life.  After all, that only means new adventures for her!

Pictures to come!!!